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Head Over Heels (Lucky Harbor, #3) - Jill Shalvis Meh. Boring . dnf
The Darkest Whisper - Gena Showalter Hmmmm... I did not finish this.... I couldn't connect with the characters. Gwen was blan, boring, and annoying. Sabin was also blan, boring, and stiff. No connection, just straight up lust, obsession, and possession. Only the other characters were interesting. Wow quick and short.
The Darkest Surrender - Gena Showalter This story was much more interesting than the previous one!

Another harpy sister with a win! Kaia was fierce, loyal, and caring. She made a mistake when she was young, and had to suffer the consequences years later, and with the help of her sisters and the men, she overcame her shame, and brought closure to herself.

Strider was kind of annoying with the stay away from me act, like what juveniles would do, and that Kaia had to keep chasing was not what I would have liked, but in the end it was ok, sort of.

Oh Lazarus! I feel so sad about him. Hopefully, he'll have his happy ending in the afterlife.

The harpy games was definitely the best plot so far. Interesting, cliche, yet satisfyingly entertaining.
The Heat Is On (Bonus: Blame It on the Bikini) - Natalie Anderson, Jill Shalvis 4 stars for the heat is on!

I tried to read the other but stopped at her giggling.

The first story was short and sweet. It was just right. The premise was intriguing. Definitely droolworthy guy.

Not much to say but if your up for a cute read, here it is!
The Darkest Lie - Gena Showalter 3.5!
Maybe I've read so many of these that they're becoming generic and unoriginal, but my enthusiasm is waning.

Anyways, I thought the speak through lies was charming at first, but slowly as the book continued it got a bit tedious.

Gideon, I thought was charming in the darkest passion with the scene of him and Olivia, henceforth I was eager to read more about him here. Surprisingly, his story was a bit monotonous. He longer seemed like the carefree guy, but then again, it is his story, so I guess he must be more serious, as it is his life that is messed with.

The relationship between him and Scarlett is your typical "I hate you, I'm going to kill you even though you're so hot I want to bed ya" Lo and behold, there love was greater than hate or should I say lust.

Scarlett, to me, came out as a bit as a weak heroine, even though she was suppose to be this badass "enemy." She started hot, with her sarcasm that was refreshing, to annoy Gideon, but later when their love was realized, it was all lackluster. She was all bark and no bite.

It was funny how their demons were in love, and especially thair love scene.

The plot and twists were not much of a shocker, though the end it kind of made a big deal? I don't know, but this book doesn't leave me with much of anything but meh.
The Darkest Passion - Gena Showalter When I first tried to read this book, it was hard for me to get into because I didn't really connect with the characters. However, just recently I read the short novella about Lysander and Bianka, and I got to know Olivia through that. Then, of course I wanted to read her story.

I got to say, I'm definitely a fan of a different H/h per book in a series. Though I try to read in order, but sometimes at the library they're just not available. Oh well it will do.

Olivia is your aggressive lover, even though she was a pure angel. After watching Aereon, she sees the true tortured hero behind his tough guy persona (with a body full of tattoos!), and falls in love with him. There were some moments when she was a bit needy, but it was part of her persona in truly loving him and making him see her for who she is.

Aereon, it was fun reading him trying to dodge and fight against her seductions, yet fail miserably. In this case, the way Gena handled it was wonderful. She didn't make him those arrogant, obnoxious males who use the appearance of hate and humiliation to drive her away.

I liked how Olivia handled Legion. She made her see how different their love was, that there is still much for Legion to learn. I love side characters who bring in their own personality to the story, granted they are their own H/h in another book. Just makes me want to read more in the series.

This book was great. It is good for those in the mood for some hea stories!
The Spell - Heather Killough-Walden Wham bam shazam! That is how I felt reading this. One big roller coaster ride is what this book is like.

The beginning starts the plateau where you know you are going to go up to a hill for the drop, so the story tells about our MC and her life and her sort of problem with being a witch and a dormant wolf mate and you know that the problem has to do with being a dormant. Ok straightforward.

Then drop is the conflict times ten where wolf mate has a problem with her being a magic mate. The twist and turns are the bumps in her relationship with mate, as she has a stalker who also wants her, pull that all in with other series character cameos part problems. I didn't read the other books in the series, but I had no trouble following the storyline.

The last minor drops finishes the book with minor bumps in the road to fully establish their relationship and beat out most of the bad guys.

This book was free, but surprisingly it was an ok read. There were some parts I skimmed, but overall it was tolerable and I was entertained.

Like other reviewers, I did not like all the females getting man-handled. Too much alpha male sometumes is just too much.
Earth Girl - Janet  Edwards Talk about a very straightforward story about girl vs environment. The only conflicts that cause emotion were from natural disasters. No backstabing, evil villains, or a super complicated plot. Just a girl defying the odds of racism in terms of space travel.

Therefore, it was an easy read. Some parts were totally zan and others amaz, but mostly simple and boring.

Jarra had no flaws but being an ape girl. She was good at everything because she was an ape girl. The romance felt juvenile though they do talk about it.

Overall, interesting read.
The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa 3.5!
The beginning was....however, the middle and end was intriguing. I think I just dislike Meghan the most out of all the characters, and she's the heroine! It's ok, I'll jyst fallback to Allie when I need a badass mf when I'm in a slump. :-)

I liked that she is connected to the iron realm. I like that she has little gremlin minions, always a plus, especially Razor!

Grimalkin, always a joy, the only level headed character. Puck with his sarcastic side more enjoyable than his pining for Meghan. Ash was just plain boring, always being in love angst: I must save you speeches....

However, I liked that Meghan chose to keep her responsibility to the iron realm, though it is very convenient how she saceificed herself and then all was well, along with surviving.

Out of all the faeries, it seems the only nice ones are the iron realm when they're not lead by crazy evil iron leaders. The twist in this book totally negated the last book, but we'll see how it continues on.
The Iron King - Julie Kagawa I was probably not in the mood to read books when I first started and the idea of faeries were not that interesting. But now I'm glad that I finished and being such a huge fan of Julie Kagawa for her vamp series, I'd thought I'd give it another try.

The mc, Meghan is certainly no Allie, whereas one is a weakling compared to a badass wielding a sword. This story once it got to part two was interesting. Howevever, they do share the quality of being one who cares deeply for family and friends, one who won't betray unless betrayed first, that kind of idea.

Grimalkin, the cat was probably the most interesting character. Puck, after reading, will be the funny friens, and her love interest Ash, was surprisingly flat. Their attraction was shown enough besides him always rescuing her. When they admit they like each other, it was kind of lacking. I couldn't feel the connection at all.

The story was pretty simple: find the brother. Meeting the actual dad was a lackluster twister though you knew it was going happen that way with all the forshadowing done in the beginning.

However, I'm definitely intrigued. Going to read the next one. Thus is probably my first faerie story I'm starting to like, though not a huge fan of it.
The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa Hmmmm....I thought the series would get better after the first, but somehow I did not like how it went.

In the first book, Meg gets humiliated by a boy she crushed on, and runs away crying. I thought that was annoying, but it was only a human boy(way side side character) in high school, so I figured its ok, since not main love interest. But then, in this book, she gets humiliated by love interest, but she still pines for said guy. Granted, Ash was only acting this way to save them both since its a romeo and juliet situation, but he did it in a juvenile way.

I'm annoyed with how that situation went about. So she says she loves him, gets humiliated, still loves him, hates him, goes back to her friend Puck, and what do you know, Puck loves her too out of nowhere ( would have liked it more if he was still only a friend), kisses Puck, thinks she can love him, leads Puck on, sees Ash again, and goes back to loving Ash. Yeah, not the best MC out there.

I like my bad boys, but not in this case. I felt more sympathy for Puck. What she did to him was worse than what Ash did to her, though both situations still suck.

Hopefully it'll get better with the next books. Grimalkin still the most interesting character and Iron horse.
Bitten - Kelley Armstrong Wow, this book took me forever to finish! This is my third attempt and finally read it all. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating the forever to finish it, but it was certainly difficult to make myself read it, though I did skim some boring parts.

I like Kelly's story with Paige better than Elena, so it seems. Yeah Elena and Clay had the long lost love reunion, that was nice, but everything else just wasn't interesting. The side characters were boring and didn't have an unusual flair that made them interesting. The only one I wanted to know more about was Logan, but he was the first wolf killed in their pack. Was that his name? I don't remember.

Usually in these types of urban fantasy, I like the where the mc meets outrageous side kicks, friends, enemies or whatever that have personality. Humor is key. Elena's story lack that, and I think that's why I found the story mostly boring.
Exposure (East Park #1) - Iris Blaire So I was pretty iffy about how to score this. I will give it a 3.5 for all that sexual tension. I don't know why but I find that foreplay is much more hot than the actual deed.

The story is interesting revolving around a biochemistry student falling for her biology ta, but there was not any more mentioning or deeper aspects of that. It was just told to us, and it wasn't shown that she was actually that smart or whatnot. I guess we just have to believe so since she got into harvard grad school, but not uc Berkeley.

Having taken science classes, I know for a fact that those are the hardest classes ever, and my friends who did well literally study 24/7 and have no lives, and the fact that she did all that modeling, and there was barely mentioning of her studying was unbelievable. I remember one time going to a panel of med students. One girl said the one thing she regreted was not spending enough time with family and friends. She was so busy studying, and doing all extra curricular trying to perfect her resume and application.

Granted the MC was not going to med school, but grad school at harvard? Seems just as hard and competitive to get in.

Anyways, the story was a fun read if you ignore the technicalities. I did not like the way the MC guy handled his girfriend situation. If they've been together that long than he should really love her, but I guess I could see where people can grow out of love if their relationship is becoming mundane(but they both were also extremely busy...)....but I also find fault with the girlfriend. I respect that she trusts her man, but seriously throwing him into a den of she-wolfs should have made her at least scared a lil bit. No man is that good at temptation especially when they're mostly naked and dry humping a hot model.

Anyways, this was hot and steamy , but not too vulgar like other novels.
Dark Wings (The Never Dark, #1) - Skyla Madi I actually finshed this surprisingly.

The story is nothing new. We have an ex lover turned bad reunite with his loved one, who is on the good side trying to kill him.

This was a simple read, not too intricate in detail or plot. Like someone said, straightforward. Thus, the story was a bit boring and cliched. Easily predictable.

There just wasn't enough substance in the plot to drive the characters other than "I have mission" must succeed. Ending? Total anticlimactic.
Forbidden Forest - Tenaya Jayne I should really stop getting free books, but like a needle in a haystack, there's a chance to find a real gem.

This was another DNF. I got to alittle over 20% and I just had to stop. This time my problem was with the main characters.

Forest personality yo yos back and forth. She's a halfling, so she knows what its liked to be judged, yet she's all I hate vampires. Then easily wimps up and feels for vampires. If she had such a strong conviction, then she shouldn't easily be swayed. I'd have liked it if she stayed true to one.

Then there is Syrus. He is a prince who is treated very preciously. When Forests treats him terribly, of course he'd get mad. He force his strength on her, but suddenly feels shame and withdraws. At one point he even kneeled down on his knees before her! Wow, what kind of prince is that?

These characters are all over the place. I'd have liked to see a rather smooth progression of character change than this but then again, that's just me.
Coma - Lilly Mance Wow, this was a DNF. I got to like 23% and just had to stop. Not only could I not stand the heroine, but I kept getting bogged down by the writing.

The dialogue was filled with the he said, she said adverbs. It was too distracting, and I couldn't follow the story anymore. Too much telling and not enough showing.