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The Darkest Passion - Gena Showalter When I first tried to read this book, it was hard for me to get into because I didn't really connect with the characters. However, just recently I read the short novella about Lysander and Bianka, and I got to know Olivia through that. Then, of course I wanted to read her story.

I got to say, I'm definitely a fan of a different H/h per book in a series. Though I try to read in order, but sometimes at the library they're just not available. Oh well it will do.

Olivia is your aggressive lover, even though she was a pure angel. After watching Aereon, she sees the true tortured hero behind his tough guy persona (with a body full of tattoos!), and falls in love with him. There were some moments when she was a bit needy, but it was part of her persona in truly loving him and making him see her for who she is.

Aereon, it was fun reading him trying to dodge and fight against her seductions, yet fail miserably. In this case, the way Gena handled it was wonderful. She didn't make him those arrogant, obnoxious males who use the appearance of hate and humiliation to drive her away.

I liked how Olivia handled Legion. She made her see how different their love was, that there is still much for Legion to learn. I love side characters who bring in their own personality to the story, granted they are their own H/h in another book. Just makes me want to read more in the series.

This book was great. It is good for those in the mood for some hea stories!