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The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa 3.5!
The beginning was....however, the middle and end was intriguing. I think I just dislike Meghan the most out of all the characters, and she's the heroine! It's ok, I'll jyst fallback to Allie when I need a badass mf when I'm in a slump. :-)

I liked that she is connected to the iron realm. I like that she has little gremlin minions, always a plus, especially Razor!

Grimalkin, always a joy, the only level headed character. Puck with his sarcastic side more enjoyable than his pining for Meghan. Ash was just plain boring, always being in love angst: I must save you speeches....

However, I liked that Meghan chose to keep her responsibility to the iron realm, though it is very convenient how she saceificed herself and then all was well, along with surviving.

Out of all the faeries, it seems the only nice ones are the iron realm when they're not lead by crazy evil iron leaders. The twist in this book totally negated the last book, but we'll see how it continues on.