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Forbidden Forest - Tenaya Jayne I should really stop getting free books, but like a needle in a haystack, there's a chance to find a real gem.

This was another DNF. I got to alittle over 20% and I just had to stop. This time my problem was with the main characters.

Forest personality yo yos back and forth. She's a halfling, so she knows what its liked to be judged, yet she's all I hate vampires. Then easily wimps up and feels for vampires. If she had such a strong conviction, then she shouldn't easily be swayed. I'd have liked it if she stayed true to one.

Then there is Syrus. He is a prince who is treated very preciously. When Forests treats him terribly, of course he'd get mad. He force his strength on her, but suddenly feels shame and withdraws. At one point he even kneeled down on his knees before her! Wow, what kind of prince is that?

These characters are all over the place. I'd have liked to see a rather smooth progression of character change than this but then again, that's just me.