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The Darkest Lie - Gena Showalter 3.5!
Maybe I've read so many of these that they're becoming generic and unoriginal, but my enthusiasm is waning.

Anyways, I thought the speak through lies was charming at first, but slowly as the book continued it got a bit tedious.

Gideon, I thought was charming in the darkest passion with the scene of him and Olivia, henceforth I was eager to read more about him here. Surprisingly, his story was a bit monotonous. He longer seemed like the carefree guy, but then again, it is his story, so I guess he must be more serious, as it is his life that is messed with.

The relationship between him and Scarlett is your typical "I hate you, I'm going to kill you even though you're so hot I want to bed ya" Lo and behold, there love was greater than hate or should I say lust.

Scarlett, to me, came out as a bit as a weak heroine, even though she was suppose to be this badass "enemy." She started hot, with her sarcasm that was refreshing, to annoy Gideon, but later when their love was realized, it was all lackluster. She was all bark and no bite.

It was funny how their demons were in love, and especially thair love scene.

The plot and twists were not much of a shocker, though the end it kind of made a big deal? I don't know, but this book doesn't leave me with much of anything but meh.