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The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa Hmmmm....I thought the series would get better after the first, but somehow I did not like how it went.

In the first book, Meg gets humiliated by a boy she crushed on, and runs away crying. I thought that was annoying, but it was only a human boy(way side side character) in high school, so I figured its ok, since not main love interest. But then, in this book, she gets humiliated by love interest, but she still pines for said guy. Granted, Ash was only acting this way to save them both since its a romeo and juliet situation, but he did it in a juvenile way.

I'm annoyed with how that situation went about. So she says she loves him, gets humiliated, still loves him, hates him, goes back to her friend Puck, and what do you know, Puck loves her too out of nowhere ( would have liked it more if he was still only a friend), kisses Puck, thinks she can love him, leads Puck on, sees Ash again, and goes back to loving Ash. Yeah, not the best MC out there.

I like my bad boys, but not in this case. I felt more sympathy for Puck. What she did to him was worse than what Ash did to her, though both situations still suck.

Hopefully it'll get better with the next books. Grimalkin still the most interesting character and Iron horse.