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Bitten - Kelley Armstrong Wow, this book took me forever to finish! This is my third attempt and finally read it all. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating the forever to finish it, but it was certainly difficult to make myself read it, though I did skim some boring parts.

I like Kelly's story with Paige better than Elena, so it seems. Yeah Elena and Clay had the long lost love reunion, that was nice, but everything else just wasn't interesting. The side characters were boring and didn't have an unusual flair that made them interesting. The only one I wanted to know more about was Logan, but he was the first wolf killed in their pack. Was that his name? I don't remember.

Usually in these types of urban fantasy, I like the where the mc meets outrageous side kicks, friends, enemies or whatever that have personality. Humor is key. Elena's story lack that, and I think that's why I found the story mostly boring.