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The Spell - Heather Killough-Walden Wham bam shazam! That is how I felt reading this. One big roller coaster ride is what this book is like.

The beginning starts the plateau where you know you are going to go up to a hill for the drop, so the story tells about our MC and her life and her sort of problem with being a witch and a dormant wolf mate and you know that the problem has to do with being a dormant. Ok straightforward.

Then drop is the conflict times ten where wolf mate has a problem with her being a magic mate. The twist and turns are the bumps in her relationship with mate, as she has a stalker who also wants her, pull that all in with other series character cameos part problems. I didn't read the other books in the series, but I had no trouble following the storyline.

The last minor drops finishes the book with minor bumps in the road to fully establish their relationship and beat out most of the bad guys.

This book was free, but surprisingly it was an ok read. There were some parts I skimmed, but overall it was tolerable and I was entertained.

Like other reviewers, I did not like all the females getting man-handled. Too much alpha male sometumes is just too much.