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The Iron King - Julie Kagawa I was probably not in the mood to read books when I first started and the idea of faeries were not that interesting. But now I'm glad that I finished and being such a huge fan of Julie Kagawa for her vamp series, I'd thought I'd give it another try.

The mc, Meghan is certainly no Allie, whereas one is a weakling compared to a badass wielding a sword. This story once it got to part two was interesting. Howevever, they do share the quality of being one who cares deeply for family and friends, one who won't betray unless betrayed first, that kind of idea.

Grimalkin, the cat was probably the most interesting character. Puck, after reading, will be the funny friens, and her love interest Ash, was surprisingly flat. Their attraction was shown enough besides him always rescuing her. When they admit they like each other, it was kind of lacking. I couldn't feel the connection at all.

The story was pretty simple: find the brother. Meeting the actual dad was a lackluster twister though you knew it was going happen that way with all the forshadowing done in the beginning.

However, I'm definitely intrigued. Going to read the next one. Thus is probably my first faerie story I'm starting to like, though not a huge fan of it.