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Exposure (East Park #1) - Iris Blaire So I was pretty iffy about how to score this. I will give it a 3.5 for all that sexual tension. I don't know why but I find that foreplay is much more hot than the actual deed.

The story is interesting revolving around a biochemistry student falling for her biology ta, but there was not any more mentioning or deeper aspects of that. It was just told to us, and it wasn't shown that she was actually that smart or whatnot. I guess we just have to believe so since she got into harvard grad school, but not uc Berkeley.

Having taken science classes, I know for a fact that those are the hardest classes ever, and my friends who did well literally study 24/7 and have no lives, and the fact that she did all that modeling, and there was barely mentioning of her studying was unbelievable. I remember one time going to a panel of med students. One girl said the one thing she regreted was not spending enough time with family and friends. She was so busy studying, and doing all extra curricular trying to perfect her resume and application.

Granted the MC was not going to med school, but grad school at harvard? Seems just as hard and competitive to get in.

Anyways, the story was a fun read if you ignore the technicalities. I did not like the way the MC guy handled his girfriend situation. If they've been together that long than he should really love her, but I guess I could see where people can grow out of love if their relationship is becoming mundane(but they both were also extremely busy...)....but I also find fault with the girlfriend. I respect that she trusts her man, but seriously throwing him into a den of she-wolfs should have made her at least scared a lil bit. No man is that good at temptation especially when they're mostly naked and dry humping a hot model.

Anyways, this was hot and steamy , but not too vulgar like other novels.