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Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers, #1) - Tara Sivec Another reunited after time lapse book! Yay! Not only does it have one of my favorite themes, it was another one of those funny, laugh out loud books!

Claire was a college student when she decided to finally give up her v-card to a random stranger at a frat party, only "with luck on her side" gets pregnant. After finding that out, she and her best friend go on a manhunt, but in the end gives up. 5 years later, she reunites with him, and he discovers he has a child! Instead of running away, he mans up and gets to know him.

Through all this drama, there are hilarious lines that spout from her friends, family, and son(he's 4 years old, and imagine him being a parrot, repeating every words that is bad!)

However, even though, when Claire and the guy, Carter met with lust at first sight, after all these years, there's still a strong attraction. They're relationship kind of seems too good to be true, but maybe he's just that nice of a guy?

Well, this was an interesting, and will probably continue reading the next books in the trilogy just to see what happens.