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Equal Parts (Supernova, #1) - Emma Winters So, what do we have here? Stockholm syndrome! Sometimes, we just have to fall in love with a bad guy.

The story was pretty good. I was kind of wondering how she would pull off this super hero theme, but in the end I liked how it worked out. You'd think there was only good and bad, but I really like it when there's a gray line in between, and enemies becomes friends, and then you have the "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" thing going on, sort of.

Sometimes the heroine could be a bit annoying but overall, I'd say that was only like 10% of the time. It was mostly when Achilles would be with another girl, and Felicity was already jealous even though she knows him for like 10 secs.

Since the good girl gets the bad boy, we have the bad boy changing for good girl. That part kind of a bit got too good to be true. In the beginning he would easily chop off hands of people and bludgeon anyone to death without a second thought, yet at the end, he was all like, "I can't do it anymore because I want to be good for you" Not actual word for word, but you get the idea. Is it really that simple to change a guy?

Also, at some points, they were each majorly spilling their hearts out to one another, out of nowhere. It was a lot of telling, and I probably would have liked it more if there were more showing. Even in the book, he actually says that actions speak clearer than words or whatnot. Please less talking and more just grab her and kiss her! haha, but overall I liked the story. Will definitely read more of this author's work!