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Magic Burns -  Ilona Andrews 3.5 stars! This story was alright. I think I've read a lot of paranormal urban fantasy books that these days they all seem jumbled to me. My favorite has to be the Hollows with Rachel Morgan. Though Kate and Rachel have some strong qualities in common, I found Rachel to be more interesting.

Kate is one bad ass chick with a sword. She has snappy and snarky responses, and she doesn't follow the rules. Thus when she and Curran meet, ensure some heated moments between them.

I like how from the first book, that though they feel a chemistry towards each other, but they don't act on it right away. I like how they haven't slept together yet, as there are buildups and more books to show how they start actually liking each other, and finally give in. Though, the moments when he saves her are pretty good, and she is a stubborn ass when saved, I liked how the author portrayed that.

I think the character that I liked the most was Bran. I'm so sad that he dies! He was the fun, laid back, easy going guy that made me smile everytime there was a scene with him in it. Don't get me wrong, I still like my dark moody men, but Bran was just a fresh of air.

I'm sorry to say that the moments where Kate goes exploring and finding out the mystery were just a bit too boring for me. I skimmed a lot until there were lots of dialogue and more interesting action. It took me about a week to finish it, and usually good books have my attention and I am done in a couple of hours.

Though, if I can't ever find any other books to read, I will definitely continuing reading the series, just not right at this moment.