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Unearthly - Cynthia Hand I was pleasantly surprised by this book. Though this has lots of good reviews, and being such a high rated book, I was a bit skeptical before starting as it took me a while to get started on it. The cover is pretty, but it didn't draw me in and the blurb was so-so.

Anways, as I started to read, the flow was really nice and natural. The heroine, Clara, is part or actually quarter angel. Thus, by being part angel, she has a purpose, and that purpose comes in many 5 second visions, like pieces to a puzzle, but not all of it at once, because then, it will be too much, and most likely overwhelm the poor girl, or any other part angels out there. Clara was a pleasant character, not annoying, but readable. The author definitely made her seem like a real teenager in high school. I definitely has a "realism" feeling. Usually, I like to read snarky, bad ass heroines, but with Clara, I did not mind her at all.

So, the main theme of her purpose is one of the main heroes, Christian. Ok guys, what do we know about heroes? Popular? Check. Queen bee as girlfriend? Check. Hot? Well duh, he is the most popular guy in school. Anyways, back to the plot, so her purpose is to save Christian, as he is always appearing in her visions.

Next, we are introduced into another hero, Tucker. In love triangles, what are the major players? So we have the new girl? Check. Popular guy? Check. Therefore, now we must have the friend's brother! OK, not all stories are like this, but these are all common elements to YA love triangles. It's normal to crush on the most popular, unattainable guy, yet be forced to interact everyday in a love/hate relationship with your friend's brother, (attainable guy).

So in a nutshell, Clara is drawn to Christian, Clara is drowned by Christian, and voila, 24/7 Tucker is around to keep her afloat.

OH, and how does being part angel come into play besides having a purpose to save Christian? Well, there is some good vs bad angel war that's been going on for a while now, and somehow Clara is you know going to be a big part of it, since you know she is a main character :)

My favorite part : When Clara realizes that Christian is also an angel, and to justify, made his wings pop out with the command :)hehe

Anyways, I am definitely intrigued. Once I get a copy of the next two books, I will simply devour them in two sittings :) Yay for completion and no waiting!! :)