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Autumn Storm (Witchling Trilogy, #2) - Lizzy Ford I tried a sample from amazon before buying it, and after reading that little bit, I was pretty much hooked.

So, I should have probably read the first book before reading this, but oh well. It was a bit confusing at some parts because I didn't understand what was going on, but overall it was enjoyable.

The story line starts off with a girl who has amnesia, and she goes to a school where everything is nostalgic. I was pretty much able to guess what was going to happen, or who she was after she kept seeing another girl in the mirror.

I liked how she was drawn to Decker, and he was drawn to her. Sometimes it felt a bit forced, but if you're looking for a "I must resist you" kind of story, this is for you. Decker is your typical bad boy, even dressed in all black. He lost his soulmate, Summer, who was suppose to to keep him balanced, thus he easily loses to the darkness within.

Since he is the master of the dark, he has these seduction powers that draws girl to him, thus he sleeps with every female that comes near him. Since he is the keeper of the light/dark laws, he kills the darklings that break them, and in this story he also kills some lightlings, when he feels the darkness is taking over him.

She is easily able to sort of connect with Beck, since she feels like she knows him. But Beck is an interesting character. He is this playboy who only goes for blondes, and you'd think he's a sleaze bag who got a girl pregnant, even though he's the master of the light. However, you begin to feel sympathy for him because the girl who got pregnant is a super bitch.

Anyways, the story was interesting, there were a lot more characters introduced, but in the end, we only focused on the main ones. The other characters seemed like they were only there to fill some space in the story.

I definitely will read the other books in the series to see what happens. Her take on witch lings is pretty interesting, though not very unique, but readable.