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Tempting Trouble - Gennita Low She Predator vs He Predator! Lioness vs Lion! This tale of espionage with spies, lies, twists, and truths had me pretty interested. Not to mention a fantastic and strong female lead dancing among danger. She was smart and quite the calculative person.

The male is obviously an alpha in this case, though a very arrogant and straightforward guy who always gets what he wants, he finds himself frustrated and doesn't exactly know what to think when colliding with the heroine.

Clash of mind and strength makes for an entertaining tale. Though the story is not so unique, it was rather humorous and just a fun light read, even with some steamy parts.

There were lots of different perspectives that we encounter, and it was nice to be able to read and hone in on each one. Therefore we get a taste of what each character is like. Sometimes I get confused when too many povs are written, but this worked out nicely. Nothing too dramatic or had me waiting in anticipation, as it was all too easy to decipher. You could infer what was going to happen, but just not how. Classic spy story.