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Call Me Irresistible - Susan Elizabeth Phillips This one was pretty good. Call me entertained. :)

Meg is at her best friend's wedding, and she realizes her best friend is making the hugest mistake of her life because her groom to be is a robot who doesn't really love her. She wakes up her best friend's eyes to reality, and next thing you know, the wedding is called off. Lucy, her best friend runs off, and Meg is stuck in the groom's hometown. She would leave, but her parents cut her off, and needed her to fend for herself and grow some independence.

Though there was some parts that were a unbelievable, as long as you push those thoughts out of your mind, and just enjoy the story for what it is, it was fun.

Everyone in town hates her, even her best friend ex-groom, Ted. Ted is the son born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but he is also very smart with a brain very calculative and manipulative. The town worships his parents and himself included, and he is worshiped as a demi-god. No one can see past his god ship status, and Ted himself is forced to be superman and fix everyone's problems. As a result, he is a very lonely person with no one to understand him, until Meg came along.

Meg is a uncontrollable, emotional, and hell bent on making it on her own, even though the whole town is against her. They all make her life miserable, until she plays it cool and traps Ted in her trap. She sees him for who he truly is, and he hates her for ruining his marriage, but you know, there is a thin line between love and hate.

Their relationship progresses, and it was really entertaining seeing how it was all established. I liked that the whole town hated her, yet in the end, through trials and events, they all come to respect and love her. Even though Meg was snappy at them, and them at her, Meg fit right in. It was a nice little read on a Sunday afternoon.