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Sentiment Lost (A Whole New Crowd, #2) - Tijan 10 stars! Best best story from Miss Tijan in my opinion! My favorite and will always be in my heart, haha, getting a little sentimental here. :-).

I started reading this back when Tijan started publishing it on fictionpress (since the very beginning of time!), so each update, I was dying from waiting for the next chapter, but being a genius at writing takes time, so I forgave her for making me wait since more time means better, longer chapters.

I'm probably super weird, but this story for me, I can read over and over again. Still waiting for an edit, and the sequel, but again, being genius takes time. :-)

This story is about Maya, a strong willed and kick ass girl, who will go through whatever means to meet her goal. She is a survivor. Because she lived her life as a con, she is the best at manipulating people, until she met Jace. There are some great scenes in which she is shows off her independent ass-kickingness. Did I mention she was kick-ass?

Now, Jace is a very complex character. We first met him in A Whole New Crowd. He is basically a master fighter of darkness. He has lived in hell, faced the devil, and still has demons to face, figuratively. He knows he's bad, as he's worked for the big kahuna of evil, eventually turning on him, and taking him out. So he's done a lot of things he's not proud of, and feels as if redemption is beyond him, so his whole purpose in life is to right every wrong he committed, sort of.

Anyway, we go on a journey with Maya and Jace, and see the growth of the two of them and their relationship, while fighting the evils of the worlds. Maya saves him from the dark, and gives him a new purpose in life. Jace, also saves Maya, by helping her retain what she lost, what she evidently is looking for, also her own purpose. They basically have a reciprocal altruistic relationship. However, it seems like they barely have a connection, until fate pulls some twists and turns, intertwining their destinys' together in the whole, way bigger picture.

I loved this story. The interactions were great. We see cameos of previous characters, ensuing great scenes and dialogues. There's a bit of paranormal or supernatural themes, which were weaved into the story perfectly.

Man, after all this, still, no words will do it justice. This is a must read.