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The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden (The Coincidence, #1) - Jessica Sorensen This is one of those new adult types of books that delves deeper into a mature relationship between two people who are scarred in their own ways. Through coincidences (hence the name of this book), they meet and feel this strong bond between them, that drawls them to one another, even though they are both rejected to the idea in the beginning.

I really like books that have moments where two people reunite, though it was a bit short, but hey it works with this storyline.
So for our protagonist,Callie, she is a bit unsteady and fidgety character who has trust issues and is always running away from people because of her past.She was raped by her brother's friend Therefore, when she meets up with Kayden again in college after a brief encounter couple months ago, she is always running away from him. Her friend Seth makes her go out with Kayden because of a list. The list is supposed to make Callie live life since YOLO! So Seth, being her first friend, is helping her break out of her shell she built around herself by experiencing things she has never done before. Anyways, after a couple of hang outs, Callie and Kayden relationship starts heating up.

I am kind of thrown off that Callie lets Kayden take their relationship further, especially after her traumatic past. I mean she does have moments afterwards where she experiences panic attacks and literally throws up after some sexual contact, since in the past she would make herself throw up after the guy raped her but I expected her to put up bigger fight against it before any of these steamy sessions even started.

Since her character is shy and quiet, and due to being tormented in high school, which resulted in her being friendless, she should have be very inexperienced with social situations, yet when she hung out with Kayden and Luke (who were supposedly the popular people in hs), she easily fit in. Though, she made a first friend with Seth, it seems the summer is just not enough to change someone, to me at least, I think that it was just too fast.

I guess I'm just ranting that in just a short amount of time, she changed so easily. I mean, its good she is not a static character, but the story would have given me a much more impact, if at least there were more circumstances between Callie and Kayden that would make their trust in one another more believable, hence their relationship more believable.

Hence, the book was not remarkable. It was a likeable story, that could have been more heart wrenching or heartfelt, but I was just not that blown away. With the rating and the hype around this book, and SUCH A WOW COVER, I thought it would be a amazing book. As a result, I wasn't that torn at the cliff hanger ending, I was just like "hmmm, it ended. OK, what book shall I read next?" I am not dying to know what happened like some other books I've read, but I will probably read the next book to see what happens next.