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A Reclusive Heart (Hollywood Hearts, #2) - R.L. Mathewson This was pretty interesting. I just recently watched a korean drama that had a similar storyline, though obviously not as raunchy as the book, haha.

The main character is a hermit, who is a successful writer. She works with her editor, Nick, who is a womanizer. This story is pretty predictable, but it was one of those readable and a bit heartfelt, though another one of those too good to be true. Then again, this is romance fiction, so it must have a happy ending after some type of conflict.

This author writes really well, and her dialogs are not cringe worthy. Sometimes, I would read something, and it would be so bad, that I just can't finish it.
This was not one of them. I was thoroughly interested, and kept my attention. Definitely going to read more of this author's books :)