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Neanderthal Seeks Human: A Smart Romance (Knitting in the City, #1) - Penny Reid I know the heroine has read hair, but as I was reading this, I couldn't help but picture Zoey Deschenel (sp?) with her black rimmed glasses, but without the bubbly personality. She was really an interesting character. I really liked that she was smart,independent, and her trivia-vomit was a really nice quirky attribute for her. I was intrigued with her character, and did not find her as annoying as some other heroines can be.

Next, we have Mr. Tall, dark, and mysterious stoic guy. He never shows emotion on his face, except in front her after they got along after a few hang out sessions. The one thing I didn't really like about him was that he was one of those alpha males, what is that saying out here "me tarzan, you jane?"( is that right?) where he mostly controlling and domineering, not even letting her order at a restaurant.

Other than that, it was a sweet story overall. Another too good to be true story, where girl changes guy. But hey, who doesn't like those stories?