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Perfection - R.L. Mathewson Wow, I just finished this, and it was amazing! I can safely say that I enjoyed this one better than the first, yet the first was good, too.

The Bradfords are probably the most funny and unique family that I have read so far. The author really outdid herself with the who bottomless stomach Bradfords, and their crazy food obsession. Getting banned from restaurants? Wow, intense It's funny how the males revert to four year olds when it pertains to food.

The heroine is not your perfect, tall skinny modelesque body that still have butt and boob, but is your average woman, with just some extra curves. She has a complex about her body and looks, but over a hundred pages+, she and Trevor work through their issues in an interesting way. I won't go into more details, but I definitely enjoyed the whole read.

I'm sad that the next book blurb had nothing about the bradfords, but I will probably continue with the series in case they might show up again. This author is pretty awesome!