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Wallbanger - Alice Clayton I give this a 4.5, because there were some parts that were a big cheesy and cringe-worthy, but overall, this was a nice funny read! There were some parts that had me busted out laughing.

Basically, this story is about two people who are neighbors in an apartment complex. They share a wall, which is so thin, that everything can be heard by both parties. Thus, when one of them gets in a love sack, the other enjoys a front row seat to an movie, without the picture!

Thus, begins the relationship between Caroline and Simon. We have this love-hate tension building attraction between the two, thus verbal banter, here we come! It has been a while since I have read a good, light hearted book, and this definitely hits the spot. There were some parts that dragged on a bit, but I like how there relationship builds, even though it was kind of lust at first sight. They slowly start getting to know each other, and feel that they are perfect for each other, so I liked this build up.

Also, the cat and Caroline's dialogs were too funny!

6/4/13 Wow, I didn't know that this was a twilight fanfic before....