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Eversea - Natasha Boyd One word: Amazing! Probably one of the best books that I have come across. Everything about it is just soo likeable. I would want to buy physical hardcopy, but I'm afraid it will fall in the wrong hands, ie my siblings finding out I read this stuff? Talk about hours of incessant jokes. So, an ebook will suffice.

I started reading it last night, and I was done in a couple hours. It was just that good, and I didn't want to stop, I had to finish. When I was done,it was midnight, and since I work 5 hours later, I really needed to get to bed, but I couldn't, because I was blown away, my mind was wide awake.

You know that feeling where after you read a good book, you just can't stop thinking about it, and you are in awe. Like you can't believe it is over, but it is, but you feel all googly and gushy inside, that time has stopped with you in it? Well, that is how I feel right now.

Alright, let's see what I really liked about it: First, we have our heroine, Keri anne. What an interesting name, reminds me of that judge from Dancing with the stars. Anyways, Keri Anne is what I would call your quirky, skittish girl, who runs away when things get tough. She is shy and is very inexperienced in the department of love, due to having an older, protective brother. You know those types, who scare all the potential prospects because what brother wants to think of his kid sister dating.

Therefore, when she interacts with Hollywood A-lister heart throb, cue awkward funny moments to come. It wasn't necessarily laugh out loud funny, but there were some cute awkward moments and words that came out of her mouth that made me smile.

Now, for the hero, we have Jack Eversea. He came off as easy-going, friendly and flirtatious in every aspect of his character. However, we are able to get a glimpse into his dark tragic past that brings out the broody, tortured hero quality that makes him more complex.

Throughout reading this book, I kept thinking of Robert Pattinson and K-stew's relationship. The book story was so similar to what happened in reality. However, my Jack Eversea is definitely not Pattinson (can't get past his cedric diggory image). Maybe a Ryan Gosling type, but minus the age.

So here, K-stew is the celebrity girlfriend (Audrey in the book) that cheated on Jack with her director. Because Jack and Audrey are promoting a movie they did together,their contracts with the entertainment company says they must appear the happy couple for two months at events even in this personal turmoil, so the Movie doesn't get buffered or sucked into bad publicity.

Thus, there goes one reason why he can't be with Keri Anne, just yet. Another reason Audrey told Jack she was pregnant to get back together with him When Keri Anne heard that, she was devastated, and hates that she is the other women. But then, we find out that the pregnancy was a rouse created by Jack's agent to get Jack to come back to California Cue balistic Jack's arrival. Of course though, who would like being manipulated like that?

And then what? Cliffhanger! NOO! Why! Another book that has a cliff hange! Why? Two great books, other being [b:Inevitable|17914340|Inevitable (Harmony, #1)|Angela Graham|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1368793797s/17914340.jpg|25106298]in a row with cliffhangers. But, at least, the expected publication of the next one to this series is November of 2013 supposedly. Hey, at least it is 5 months from now, and not in 2014! Oh Goddess of Books, please inspire these authors with great visions in writing, for faster publication... PlEASE! :)