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Hallowed - Cynthia Hand I just finished this and the last book now, but I will start with this review.More will come with the next book.

We continue off after the first book where Clara finally, well sort of fulfills her purpose. Her vision happens, but there were some unexpected outcomes.

Clara and Tucker are finally together, and are happy. But, you know, happiness isn't forever, yet...since finding out about Christian being angel blooded, her connection with him deepens. Thus, Tucker and Clara are in a rocky part of their relationship.

We learn more about Angela's purpose...wait I think I am confusing the events with what happens in the next book....well I think I am going to continue the rest of this in the next book.

Since this is the second book, there's not much conflict or closure that happened or that stuck out of my brain, but to see what happens you just have to read the next book! :):)