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Boundless - Cynthia Hand As I said in Hallowed's review, I'm continuing the rest here, that way others who have also or will also finish can get to understand, as I am going to be jumbling everything together.

First I would like to say that I don't know what kind of magic the author puts into her words, but when I read her books, everything is just so serene and ethereal :). The story itself was flowy and smooth, even though there may be sad and emotional scenes, my feelings were very zen and calm. Maybe I was just not connecting with this book that would explain my weirdness, but I really enjoyed it. Haha, I am not sure if that makes sense, but usually I would read a book and would be put off with the writing, the character, or the story line. But with this, everything just clicked. I am kind of in a book reading slump, but I had no trouble getting into this book or the next.

So, instead of summing up what happens,(read the blurb :) Being lazy :))) I am going to list the qualities that I liked about this part, that made the whole series even better in my eyes.

After her Dad, archangel Michael leaves her to teleport home after a day's lesson, she teleports to Tucker's barn! Tucker finds her and of course, he is still hurt from her, so they have this verbal "I hate you right now" banter, and she leaves. Another event happens, and Clara needs to find solace away so she teleports back Tucker's barn. Cue Tucker/Clara banter again. Clara again leaves. More events happen, and guess where Clara ends up? That's right, Tucker's barn with Tucker in it. :) Where to go after escaping hell? That's right, party at Tucker's barn!Haha reading the comments and expressions of the cast after apparating out of hell was funny too :)
Can you see where I'm going with this? Clara's heart is where Tucker's at. I love this repetitive technique, really makes the fireworks go BOOM!

I find myself interested in Samjeeya (is that how you spell it?). He is such a complex character that I can't help but always feel myself waiting for more scenes with him in it. I like how he find his redemption. Love can cure all illnesses :) He is not the BIG BAD, but still not of the good. He walks a fine line between good and evil. I don't know if you've read my other reviews, but I have a weakness for bad guys with redeeming qualities :):)

Alright, now for love triangles. I hate them with a passion because someone always gets hurt. The only way to play it right is if one realizes that they're mistaking their love with friendship. That's what happens here, Clara feels this connection with Christian, but he realizes its more of a friendship. Of course one guy is always going to like the girl more than the other, or the girl is going to like one guy more than the other. I hope one day that Christian finds someone for him too. I'm glad that he has Web and Angela as family now, so he's not totally alone.

Finding out about Jeffrey's purpose was a real shocker. I never expected that, but I guess since they are 3/4 angel blood Triplare as they called it, it's kind of to be expected, since they're all powerful like angels but with a free will, so they can change their course outcomes however they want. Thus makes them hunted and wanted by the evils.

I was waiting for the moment when it was revealed what was so special about Clara and fam, but then this was kind of cliche, but I liked it worked. When at the end, the author popped out that Uriel was their grandfather, I was like alright, I get it, this girl is from an extra extraordinary lineage. Thus, when she saves Tucker by pouring her glory into him ,thereby changing him into a "prophet", I was like "Ok, this is all too good to be true" since by being changed, he could have powers and could live longer....even in the book, Clara is like "This is too good to be true!" But since the author realized that and purposely put that in there, I will forgive and like this book.

Overall, a very nice journey with these characters. I am definitely really interested in these angel books, and the author handled it very nicely!