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Tall, Dark & Heartless (Pyte/Sentinel, #3) - R.L. Mathewson It seems after reading others' reviews, I was not the only one who felt that the story was kind of weird due to the fact that Caine was once a father figure for Danni, when she was a little girl, and now they are sleeping together. This is just like a manga called Usagi drop, or something along those lines, which totally ruined it for me.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the scenes with the flashbacks of memories of when Danni was a little girl who bossed big bag Caine around. When they first meet, it was funny how all the sentinels were freaking out and avoiding him, but little Danni sees him, and drags him to her kitchen so that he can use his height to grab some cereal for her, because she was "hungie." I wished the story stayed that way throughout the book, and that Danni found love with another person. It would have been better.

I really like R.L Mathewson's books, I found most of them funny and hilarious, while also just the right amount of steaminess. Her heroines are usually interesting, but I found Danni to be whiny, annoying, and just unlikable. After Caine starts ignoring her because she was becoming a woman, she tries to get attention by dating a guy who tried to kill her and was a bully to her when growing up. I mean seriously? Wow. Just immature.

I also found Caine to be too much of a douche bag. He was just too much of insult there, rejection here, and a total jerk when it came to women. Sometimes a girls got to like some bad boys but seriously Caine was just too much and crossed the line for me. I found him unlikable. I'm having a hard time finishing the story, but onward march!