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Tall, Dark & Lonely - R.L. Mathewson This author is probably one of my faves :-)

This story, though not very unique was very well done! Madison was truly an inspirational, strong female lead. Though she may not be a literal fighter, she figuratively fights all her battles and obstacles in her way.

With a deadbeat mom, Madison takes care of her siblings while putting herself through school, getting a degree, and finding a steady job as a teacher while she is all but twenty three. Wow, that is amazing as I know not everyone who is her age is that grounded and independent.

Thus, when she meets Ephraim, she is not use to having someone take care of her, as he is as alpha as one can get without being too caveman. He was perfect, a loving caring, two hundred year old special vampire, aka pyte, while still haveing retained his tall dark and broodiness.

The most cliche thing is probably Mafison having special seductive blood that drawls him to her, but the way the author handled it, I'll say job well done.

The other characters in this story totally made it for me, too. Joshua was such a cute, inquisitive " little man" as they call him, and Chris's sarcastic personality added to the story and made all the characters likeable and made the story whole.

Definitely a thumbs up story!