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Hopeless - Colleen Hoover I had to get my hands on this book, since there's all these amazing reviews about this book, along with the rating.

I started off pumped to read it, but after the beginning, I kind of lost interest. I stopped and read it again a couple days later. I was kind of turned off by this deja vu feeling between them, and how they are alreadu hot and heavy makeouts after an insta love thing....but I was still curious to know what is so great about this book...so.... I fast forwarded to the end for the good stuff.

Now I understand why Holder had that feeling of familarity and it all makes sense. I take back what I wrote earlier about the insta because it makes sense and Holder is truly admirable.

I can also understand why this story was so emotional and loved by all. The theme in this story is truly sad and depressing, and I kind see why a lot of ppl are sympathetic. I can only imagine what that's like, bit for Colleen to be able to put that into words....WOW.

But this story is really not my cup of tea so I'm afraid I'll have to give it 4 stars...