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Ever After - Kim Harrison This is my all time favorite series! I still remeber that one day years ago I went to barnes and nobles to spend a ten dollar gift card, thinking what can I get with ten since it is so little compared to the normal price of books. Then I discovered the bargain section and behold, a copy of a few demons more for five books, hard copy.

Then since this book was not the beginning of the series, it took me a couple of tries to get into the book, but once I did, I was sold and now own most of the copies. I still need to read the beginning, but the last few books in the series have been mind blowing!

Al is definitely my favorite character, with Rachel not far behind, as she is the epitome of badass, asskicking heroine. But back to Al, I really like the relationship of mentor student between them. Through the series you see that they both have started caring for each other, not in love love boyfriend girlfriend, but love in a family sense. Like a pair of bickering siblings.

One of my favorite themes is when an enemy becomes a friend. HELLO ONE PIECE! :-)

In my other reviews I said that I like when love spans a couple of books, though Rachel has many love interests, I can't help but wonder if Trent is the one for her, since he's been with her since the beginning of the books and since they were kids...we'll see.