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Magic Strikes -  Ilona Andrews
I'm so glad I stuck with this series! I loved this one! I finished this quite fast :-) because I wanted to know what happebed right away!

I love how the author has dragged on the romance quip between Curran and Kate since the first book. I'm glad it wasn't an insta love and you can feel the love tension building. Kate is another heroine I really like and I'm glad there's only one love interest that spans many books.

The secondary characters were funny and awesome. They build on the story, and I like how easily the author creates side characters and give them more roles in continuing books. You get to know the characters as if you are there with them.

There were lots of funny banter between them and I found myself laughing out loud. Kate is a true badass.

My favorite part had to be when Raphael was telling Kate how male shape shifters woo or court their mates, haha so creative, it felt high school all over again with people asking their dates to dances in the most creative ways.

I'm glad I don't have to wait for the next books as I am going to devour them all in one sitting!