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Angel Unborn (Deadly Sins, #1) - Andris Bear This story was alright. I didn't love it or hate it, it was just in between. Classic forced partnership that goes from hate to love.

It started out promising, but then halfway to the end, it started lacking. You can only go so much with clever or sarcastic banter without so much as an interesting plot.

So lets start with the heroine.
Joey is your sarcastic heroine with snappy comebacks at every turn. At some points it just seemed there was too much of it that it made it hard to focus on the story, as it was starting to get annoying.

So she finds out that she is a special angel born, therefore demons are attacking her left and right trying to capture her. Then in comes Ursu, or ursa? can't remeber....who is her guardian angel to help protect her from the demons. He of course is supposedly this hot flesh of man. It was funny how when she first met him, she thought he was a man candy for her calendar photoshoot, in which she told him to take off his clothes, and he totally like wtf is wrong with you.

Anyways they go on a journey to find some answers, while fighting off demons. Finally it gets to the main conflict and it just seemes so anticlimactic. Some crazy things happens, someone dies but is easily resurrected. Really? Just like that? I mean you all work in heaven, so I guess its no big deal but I jst thought it was a weak plot.

Anyways overall it was readable but only for a one time read. ..