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Finnikin of the Rock  - Melina Marchetta Oh what a treasure! I don't know where my head was after my first attempt to read this, but I'm glad I gave it another shot!

Wow, what an adventure! The story had me gripping in my seat with anticipation! I wanted to know what happened, where it happened, why it happened, and how it was going to continue every second, that I just couldn't put the book down. It has been a while since I have read a fantasy novel, with full blown adventure with many obstacles and hardship.

We start off with the story of Finnikin, our main hero. He is the son of the Captain guard of the King and Queen of Lumatere. As a result, he has a close relationship with royalty and their children. However, when tragedy befalls the Kingdom of Lumatere with the death of the royal family and many others, all was lost. There were some citizens exiled, some trapped inside, and many lost to who knows where. This may be confusing, but once you read it, it will all makes sense.

Ten years later, Finnikin and Sir Toph (The king's first man) are on a journey to salvage what is left of the Lumatere people scattered. He meets a girl named Evanjalin, who bring about a twister of action, betrayal, and reunion. This sparks the beginning in the return of the king to Lumatere! I will not spoil it anymore, but you just have to read what happens. It is just that good! We meet new friends and old friends, make new enemies, and destroy old ones!

Evanjalin was just soo awesome! She is seriously one bad ass chick! She sticks up for herself and her beliefs, and is definitely a fighter, figuratively and literally. She is funny and snarky, with witty comebacks. I loved her relationship with Finny. Seriously, I love all the characters and their interactions with one another. WOW OH wow

There were some good laughs here and there, I loved all the major and minor characters. They each brought something unique to table, and offered more to the story with such depth and emotion. At one point, there was one reunion where it was just sooo heartfelt, I felt a little teary eyed at such a joyous event.

I am going to stop now, as I am going to start book 2 and 3 soon! :):)