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Uprising - Dawn Jayne When I got this book, I was so excited to start it. With all these good reviews and with such a high rating, I was expecting to be blown away. I mean, look at the cover, it just looks so bad ass. I was expecting something like Angelfall, but I guess I went into it with too much expectations.

First off, the beginning was intriguing. I found myself drawn into Tyre. His character, personality, and actions screamed BADASS. He does as he please, even if others do not think so, as he believes his actions in the end help with the saving. Since he is one of the heralds, he is very powerful and arrogant. He is passionate about going into the human world to do the saving, even if it is on his own terms. While doing so, he risks his life, as there are minions out there ready to kill him. Other Heralds do not do what he does, and I want to know why he will go to such lengths to continue doing what he does. He seems very complex, a back story on what made him who he is now, would be nice, maybe in the next book?

For the plot, the unique perspective about the angels and their roles was pretty neat. I was pretty fascinated with how it works, but I was also partly confused. I kind of wish there was more explanation to that, so I could understand it better. The whole trials with the souls, where one souls lives many lives kind of thing confuses me. Isn't that just reincarnation? But they must go through it for better fulfillment, yet they are able to appeal to become angels? Hmmm. I also don't really understand how in their heaven realm, humans exist as old souls, yet some of them are higher in the hierarchy running things...

Anyways, when it gets to the main storyline with Rise, I was not so enthralled anymore. I found Rise to be one of those annoying heroines. I couldn't stand her at some points, and she was just so whiny. She talks big, complains, and fires comebacks against Dominik, and appears to be headstrong, yet easily complies to what he tells her to do, or in his word "advises." I found myself bored, so I skipped to the end to see what happens, then I became interested and confused again. So to understand, I went back begrudgingly to understand how it went from B to C.

I also couldn't connect with Dominik. I found him annoying too, and just didn't like him. I also couldn't stand that his description had him having long hair. Sometimes I could ignore it, and imagine my own version, but at one point his angel girlfriend corn-rolled his hair. I'm sorry people, but men with long hair is gross.

I read other reviews and saw that I wasn't the only person who also became confused with the minions. Are they like the free spirited souls? Do they or do they not work for Lucifer? If they did, how does he allow them to kill angels? If not, did they escape the torture of Lucifer's castle, and thus decide to kill angels in the human world to get a better life?

The parts I did like were the Heralds. They may have come off as arrogant and hated, but I was really interested in knowing more about them. They seemed really cool. Black wings but not fallen? Ok, I'll take that.

Anyways, I found this book mediocre. I have been on an angel obsession for a while, so after seeing this title, I wanted so bad to read it, but now I am just left meh. The twist was kind of anticlimactic, I was not really blown away. Maybe it's just because I read an amazing series, the Lumatere Chronicles written by Melina Marchetta.

However, when the next book comes out, I will definitely read it just so I know what happens, but I am not dying right now for the sequel as I have with other books.