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Demons at Deadnight (Divinicus Nex Chronicles, #1) - A&E Kirk Haha, what a bundle of laughter! This was a fun read, had me giggling all over the place. It was a fast pace, action packed read with a diverse of characters here and there adding their own little quirks to the story.

Let's start out with the characters. We have Aurora, the main heroine who is a klutzy, smart mouth girl who discovers that she has demons following her and her family. To protect her family, she will do whatever is in her power, even if it risks her own life. In the process of risking her life, she runs into some childhood friends, the Hex boys, who protect her. However, there are lots of mistrust and mystery surrounding them as they both figure out the secrets from one another.

The Hex boys consist of Ayden, Jayden, Blake, Tristan, Logan, and Matthias. They each have their own unique personalities, and because they are all different from on another, there are a lot of clash of personalities, with some banter here and there. Insert funny dialogues here, some tantalizing remarks there, and just plain teasing. :)
Ayden is kind of the laid back, but offensive fighter of the group, and he easily falls into the category of being a love interest to Aurora. Jayden is the "Sheldon" of the group, sticking to logic and facts. Blake is the all brawn and no brain type with nothing but cheesy pick up lines all the time. Tristan is the sweet next door neighbor, and Logan is the quiet one of the group.

Now, Matthias, is the one that I am most interested in. He is the brooding bad boy, the leader of the group. He at first shows great disdain towards Aurora, as he wasn't part of their childhood circle, but slowly you can see that he is opening up to her in the end. Because he is so standoffish, he is always at the brunt of Aurora's teasing :) But you know he's gotta be a softy inside if he is easily persuaded by Aurora's baby sister Selena. There scenes were too cute :)

Anyways, through obstacles and paths, they all grow closer into a tight knit circle, and it was just a blast reading them. It felt like I was watching One Piece, with each character blasting one another, yet there was a bonded family feeling. I really enjoyed it, and was so sad that it ended.

However, there were some points that were a bit "Are you serious?" moments. Like for example, it's totally obvious who Aurora was, yet the boys couldn't figure it out. Face palm. But the humor and character interactions totally saved it.

I am looking forward to the next book. Hopefully it comes out soon, as the release date said July!