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Natural Born Charmer - Susan Elizabeth Phillips I really did like this book. I know there were a lot of sub plots in this book, but somehow I enjoyed them all. Love reunions are nice, and that played into one of the subplot's key theme.

Blue is such a cool and unique name. She was really interesting, and I found her really captivating. She guards herself with snide and sarcastic remarks to protect herself from getting hurt. Dean, the popular jock with the playboy tendencies, is opposite of Blue, and epitomizes the perfect laid back, charming, hot guy who adapts a don't give a care in the world, to protect himself from getting hurt, especially with his secret background. When they meet, sparks fly and they both know they are attracted to one another.

Since there is just so much going on, I'm just going to list some things that I really liked.

The family dance part was just too precious. It shows the beginning of a trust relationship with each family member who have suffered their own problems in the past.

The gypsy van was kind of random for Dean to buy, but it worked into the story nicely.

So far, I like the themes in Susan's books where it has a feisty heroine meeting an alpha male, with some interest banter, some broken heart time, some time apart, and then with some intense I want you back scenes. Wow, so far I really digging it :)