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Ain't She Sweet - Susan Elizabeth Phillips I had a hard time liking this book. Don't get me wrong, I liked Sugar Beth, but everything else was kind of annoying.

First off, I know Sugar Beth was mean when she was in high school to Winnie, but I just couldn't spare any empathy for whinny wimpy Winnie. Sugar Beth has daddy issues because her dad loved his illegitimate daughter, Winnie more than Sugar Beth, hence all the torturing.

When reunited years later, Winnie exacts her revenge but I found myself disliking her more, and connecting with Sugar Beth. Sugar beth has a tough shell, and she matures and changed into a strong heroine. Winnie stayed the same, and I hated reading about her and Ryan.

Dude, Ryan, how did you end up with the Winnie? Winnie, don't you have any self respect? This was the boyfriend of the girl who bullied you, you should hate him for just standing there and doing nothing during your suffering. How could you still be so obsessed with him.

I like reading about long lost love reunions, but I hate that Ryan wasn't the main love interest. I don't know why but I found myself liking Ryan in the beginning, but I later hated him and Winnie. I couldn't stand them, and I hate seeing love triangles even if they were past relationships. I commend Sugar Beth for being strong about confronting past relationships, and moving on unlike Winnie and Ryan. Tho they do in the end, but seriously after 14 Years....come on.

I found myself impartial to Colin, but I like how cynical the banter was between him and Sugar Beth. Colin is definitely not my favorite hero in SEP's books.

I also didn't like the seawillows. Could you really just dump your friend and hate her even if she doesn't keep in contact? Then they were not good friends in the first place. And how could Winnie have become the leader just like that after being the victim of their bullying? Was she that obsessed with Sugar Beth to wanting to take over her life, having her friends and ex- boyfriend? I'm find Winnie just sad.

I know SB wasn't the best role model, and she has her own faults but I found myself more sympathetic towards her.

Gah, just thinking about this book makes me angry. I kind of wish I never read this, but too bad can't turn back time. Guess I just need to try and forget this.