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Kiss an Angel - Susan Elizabeth Phillips 3.5! It would have been a 4 if there were more scenes with the tiger, Shinjun? Shijun? I thought those scenes were the best!

So, this story starts out with a daughter whose father gives her an ultimatum, to go to jail or marry a stranger. Since being an heiress for a long time, she goes for the second option, hoping there is a loophole.
She is supposedly ditzy, spoiled rich girl in appearance but with a brain. However, she doesn't really act like a spoiled rich girl, but is more like an optimist, do gooder, always positive, perky, chirpy girl.

At some points I was annoyed at her and her behavior. For example, she obviously didn't want to get married to the guy, but couple hours later, the guy is flirting with a waitress, and she gets jealous. I mean he is her husband after all, but I did not like it. However sometimes, her responses were pretty funny.

The guy, Alex, was outright mean. I did not like him at all. He humiliates her, demeans her, and treats her with no respect. Then after a tumble in the hay together, they start to like each other. I guess that is normal these days for people to sleep together and then start liking, but I thought that was mean. Daisy should have put up more of a fight, instead of just letting him use her to fulfill his needs. But since they are officially married....however, I just didn't like that, Daisy should have more self respect.

I loved the scenes with the animals, especially the tiger. Even though it seems a bit unreal with her talking to the animals, I just couldn't help but root for the tiger. Daisy is hated and lonely there at the circus, but when she sees the tiger, she is enthralled. Usually, she is scared of dogs and cats, but when she saw Shijun, she couldn't help but stare. Then, of course the tiger stares back. They grow a bond together, so strong, that only the Tiger will trust Daisy with taking care of him. It's funny, because even the tiger has an attitude. I loved it, where she was able to find comfort with the tiger, and be able to crawl into the cage and lay with the tiger. I liked seeing the reactions of everyone else freaking out about that, and only she can do that. Others will just get his face mauled off.

Anyways, the ending was nice. I guess I liked the middle and ending better than the beginning.