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Born of Silence (The League) - Sherrilyn Kenyon Wow, this book seriously is one of the most depressing and sad books I have read in a while. There's just so much that goes on from the past to the present. For a damaged hero, this one takes the cake.

Darling, or also known as Keve, is a sad and tragic character who undergoes hardship, and takes every burden on his shoulder to become a stronger and such a comokex intense person in the end. These hardships were not a cake walk. He's been through it all, rape, physical and mental abuse, torture to the extreme, mental institution, etc. Poor guy just can't catch a break. I'm surprised he was somewhat sane after all that happened, but was able to pull through with some good friends and a loved one. Though, it all has to come from his friends. Without them, he wouldn't have survived.

His loved one is Zarya. She betrayed him unknowingly, and feels terrible afterwards. I kind of wanted Zarya to not be the one and maybe be a side character . In that Darling really finds his true love while being held captive by the resistance, and someone else who was part of the resistance saw how he was treated and thus helped him, making hum live that person instead, but I guess this also works too.

Anyways, Darling withstood a lot of criticisms and was hated and made fun by his people, but it was nice to see the change in the end where he became liked and respected. But wow, this book was depressing.