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Dream a Little Dream - Susan Elizabeth Phillips This one had less comedy and more serious tones. I found myself deeply immersed with the storyline, though.

Match me if you can is probably my favorite because of all the silliness and goofiness that made me grin and laugh out loud. I just can't help it when something is funny, it just captures my attention just like that.

SEP made all the characters seem real even with their pain and hardship. I was deeply immersed. I felt this story was similar to her other book about Sugar without the exboyfriend married to the old arch enemy, but thia story was way better. In this case Rachel was Sugar, Gabe was the british teacher, and the side story of ethan and kristy were the ones I hated.

Anyways, in this one there was no Rachel running away and no Gabe grovelling for forgiveness like in most of her other books, so it was a nice change. Family played a big part in this story, and overall this book left me with a nice closure.

I'm so sad because I've almost read all SEP's books and then I'll be left with no more of her awesome books to read. It will be hard to find another book or series now that I've grown accustomed to her books, and none other will be able to reach my expectation as hers has....sigh...