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Unbreakable (Unbreakable, #1) - Rebecca Shea This was a quick read, though I may have skimmed some parts because the story was just dragging on.

I know there was a serious issue that happened, but I felt like it didn't really give me that big of an impact.

Maybe I've read so many if these types of stories that I'm now immune to the emotion, unless it was something unique and new.

The beginning was very sweet, probably too sweet. It just felt a bit unreal at times, maybe it was just me. Anyway, this story focused on two people who spent their whole lives, only to have now vocalized their love for each other.

The only conflict kind of hits you out of nowhere. Even the heroine is like what the heck just happened?

I hate love triangles, and the bit with Landon was just sad. I didn't like how the heroine handled that situation, and always someone has to come out hurt.

I'm sticking around for the next book!