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Love, Lies, and Deception - L.P. Dover Wow, for some reason when I read the title and saw the high ratings, I thought this was going to be intense and hardcore in mystery, angst, and action. Instead, its a college fluffy romance with twist. The twist seemed liked it was trying too hard, and it didn't really make that much of a suspense in the end. It was somewhat sort of kind of obvious.

The beginning was pretty interesting. The main female character had a spark in the beginning, but somehow lost it later. The two main males had their own qualities, but you can totally tell who the she is going to end up with. I felt like it was a cop out with one characters with the way he acted to make it easier for the heroine to choose one guy.

But then again, I am hard to please when it comes to love triangles. Obviously one guy is loved more than the other, so one character has to be somewhat hateful, making it easier for the heroine to choose. Either the guy not chosen is a total sweetheart but sleaveball or total sweetheart and love her so much that he must let her go. Either way there's hard feelings, thus I hate love triangles. Hope that made sense.

In the middle and end, I started disliking the girl. Ok, so Marissa and Alec have seriously declared their love for each other with one of those no one but you cliches. When they run off together, at the first sign of trouble, Marissa thinks the worst of Alec because of his past. Didn't she say she loved him? If she loved him truly, than she should have given him a chance to explain or at least talk things through instead of just running off. Plus, she didn't witness him in the act, just saw two things together, and assumed the worst. But now that I think about it, the things were incriminating, but she still should have at least listened to him.

Anyways, when she runs off by herself, who does she run off to? The other guy. I get that they were like best friends, but if it were me I'd go to my best girl friend not to a guy when my feelings are in jumbles, especially when said guy friend is a potential love interest, which would make the girl even more confused. Then, when she goes with Kristian, she goes and have sex with him even though she supposedly really loves Alec. I get that she vulnerable and confused, but seriously? Wow. I seriously dislike characters, dosen't matter if they're males or females who are wishy washy and flippy.

Anyways this story was ok.