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Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, Book 3) - Stephenie Meyer Anyways, now that I have read a lot of stories ranging from good to bad, I'd say this is in the middle because even though it is bad now, back then it was golden due to my reasoning in the paragraph after the next, the fourth paragraph. Yeah, Bella is annoying and weak, and Edward is definitely creepy, and Rob Pat ruined it for me.

There were some good parts, some bad, but now all my recollections come from the movies. ..oh dear... I never read the second, as back then my school library had it checked out, so I never got the chance, yet now I no longer feel the need as it is just more angst in detail , since you know I already watched the movie. Never read the fourth either, just wiki'd it for spoilers.

However, call me lame but this book was my path into the realm of vampires, I should probably have read some Anne Rice, but back then I wanted a modern book. I remeber I found info on it from going on some sites, maybe it was quizilla, and someone recommended it. Lo and behold, I read it and liked it. It was alright.